International Music Society


Han-Lavrenov International Music Society, recognized by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, is an initiative of Jing Han and Bertrand Lavrenov. Its goal is to promote Music and all other Arts.

After half a decade of project managing, Jing and Bertrand are thrilled by the idea of connecting worldwide musicians with the same artistic interest.

They are inspired by the belief that sharing experiences, knowledge and culture can bring students and participants to a higher level.

HL-IMS keeps creating new projects and comes up with great ideas to offer to their participants an unforgettable experience.

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The Administrators

Jing Han

Jing Han and Bertrand Lavrenov have been developing international musical projects for several years. The organization of music courses, concerts, competitions, etc. allowed them to work with more than three hundred professional and non-professional musicians.

The success of their projects and the enthusiasm of the participants are their driving force to continue developing these exchanges.

Jing and Bertrand are welcoming you to join their projects!

Feel free to check them out here:

Bertrand Lavrenov