Enjoy those beaufitul memories of projects organized by Jing Han & Bertrand Lavrenov.

Music Camp 2019 - Gao Tai - China

First Music Camp organized by the Han-Lavrenov association in Gao Tai. We had the chance to welcome teachers coming from Europe, USA and Asia and over 100 participants.

What an incredible experience!

Music Camp 2018 - Belgium - NETHERLANDS & Germany

Third Music Camp organized by Jing Han and Bertrand Lavrenov followed by a visit of rich cultural cities such as Amsterdam, Cologne, Brussels and Dinant.

Music Camp 2017 - Belgium & France

Second Music Camp organized by Jing Han and Bertrand Lavrenov. Participants had the chance to visit one of Europe's finest capital city : Paris. The tour also included Bruges and Strasbourg.

Music Camp 2016 - Xi'An - China

This is where it all started. Back in 2016, Jing Han and Bertrand Lavrenov organised their first Music Camp in the famous city of Xi'an in China. There has been quite a journey since then!